I love brunch

I love brunch. I love waking up a little later on the weekends and think about what I’ll have that morning.

Coffee is an essential part of the meal but it is equally appropriate to have champagne cocktails. You can have a sweet and savory meal at the same time.

But, most of all, I love lingering over my food and catching up with friends or family after a busy week.

I took the first three pictures last January at Untitled in what essentially is the basement of the Whitney Museum in New York. It has a relaxed and casual atmosphere making you feel refined and homey at the same time.

The last two pictures were taken at two different restaurants last February in Johannesburg.


Brunch at The Dutch

Some photos from the weekend before Christmas taken with instagram.

I met Sarah and her sister, Alyson, in SoHo for brunch on a chilly morning last Sunday, perhaps the only time I’ve ever seen the streets there empty.  Priceless.

We went to The Dutch, the new restaurant by the same chef at Locanda Verde, Andrew Carmellini.  We ordered the pastry board to share, which came with a curry sugar donut, apple cheddar scone and a banana nut muffin.

Sarah had the fried chicken with coleslaw and honey biscuits.  I had the eggs with chorizo and hominy grits and Alyson had the cornmeal flapjacks with blueberries.

We had to wait for the bloody marys (in NY, alcohol isn’t served until noon on Sunday) but it was worth it.

Afternoon tea

Recently, I went with a friend for afternoon tea at The Wolseley in London.

The Wolseley is set in a building that originally housed the Wolseley Car Company showroom in the 20’s.

We had scones, cucumber sandwiches, cakes and strawberry tarts with tea.

Midsummer night in Harlem

I celebrated the longest day of the year with a dinner in Harlem.  On my way there, I saw this beautiful glass mosaic mural, Spirit of Harlem, designed by Louis Delsarte. Notice the gentleman with the hat, sunglasses and umbrella.  Priceless.

I had dinner with my friend, Angelica, at Red Rooster on 125th and Lenox.  The cornbread with honey butter was delish! We sat outside and people-watched in between bites. Next door, a band played jazzy tunes and people gathered on the sidewalk to watch.  It was a perfect summer evening.

Addis Ababa, February 2011

I was in Addis in February and my colleagues took me here for lunch.  In case you can’t read the sign, it’s for a restaurant, which serves only kitfo. Kitfo is a traditional dish of minced beef marinated in chili powder and clarified butter. You order it like steak–raw, medium or well-done.  Guess what I had.


These are used plastic bottles for sale.


Mmmm, I can still taste this macchiato from Cafe Raymundo on Bole Road.  One of my favorite things about Ethiopia.  You can find great coffee everywhere.