I had been living in New York City for over a year before I finally got to Strawberry Fields in Central Park.  I had always wanted to see it.  A few times while walking through the park, I thought of passing by but, because of something or another, it eluded me.  Finally, on a crisp October day when I was out finishing a roll of film, I finally made it to this popular spot.

Just inside Central Park on the West side a few blocks from where he died, this memorial to John Lennon was created by his widow, Yoko Ono.  At the heart of Strawberry Fields is this black and white mosaic bearing the word Imagine.  I like the simplicity and timelessness of this mosaic that pays homage to Lennon’s famous song.  Created by Italian craftsmen based on a Greco-Roman design, it was a gift from the city of Naples.


Central Park in July

After going to a Matisse exhibit at the Jewish Museum in the Upper East Side, my friend, Majella, and I walked across the park one Sunday afternoon in July.  This picture was taken on the east side of the reservoir with the view of the Upper West Side skyline.

At the western side of the park, this is a view of Turtle Pond and the Upper East Side from the Belvedere Castle.

After brunch at Sarabeths Central Park West a few weeks later, I took a picture of The Pond across the street from the restaurant. If you are a J.D. Salinger fan, you might be interested in this piece of trivia;  The Pond is featured in The Catcher in the Rye.