I had been living in New York City for over a year before I finally got to Strawberry Fields in Central Park.  I had always wanted to see it.  A few times while walking through the park, I thought of passing by but, because of something or another, it eluded me.  Finally, on a crisp October day when I was out finishing a roll of film, I finally made it to this popular spot.

Just inside Central Park on the West side a few blocks from where he died, this memorial to John Lennon was created by his widow, Yoko Ono.  At the heart of Strawberry Fields is this black and white mosaic bearing the word Imagine.  I like the simplicity and timelessness of this mosaic that pays homage to Lennon’s famous song.  Created by Italian craftsmen based on a Greco-Roman design, it was a gift from the city of Naples.

H is for Halloween

Yes, I know it’s not Halloween.  I have been slow to develop a few rolls that have been sitting on my coffee table for months.  I finally had some down time a few days ago, braved the single digit temperatures and went to my local photo shop to drop them off. When I picked them up today, these came out.

Last October, I went to Marshfield, Wisconsin to visit my friends, Jane and Gunnar, and their daughter, Mimi.  It was around Halloween so one day, we carved pumpkins.

Mimi’s cousin, Tanner came over and the two of them drew the pumpkin faces and scooped out the seeds while Gunnar carved, Jane looked on and I took pictures.

After what seemed like hours (Gunnar didn’t have the pumpkin carving tools you get at the drug store for three dollars, which are easier to use than regular knives), they were finally done, Tanner’s scary face and Mimi’s smiley face pumpkins.

Brunch at The Dutch

Some photos from the weekend before Christmas taken with instagram.

I met Sarah and her sister, Alyson, in SoHo for brunch on a chilly morning last Sunday, perhaps the only time I’ve ever seen the streets there empty.  Priceless.

We went to The Dutch, the new restaurant by the same chef at Locanda Verde, Andrew Carmellini.  We ordered the pastry board to share, which came with a curry sugar donut, apple cheddar scone and a banana nut muffin.

Sarah had the fried chicken with coleslaw and honey biscuits.  I had the eggs with chorizo and hominy grits and Alyson had the cornmeal flapjacks with blueberries.

We had to wait for the bloody marys (in NY, alcohol isn’t served until noon on Sunday) but it was worth it.

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